Cannot figure out why Walking is using Running Animation? [SOLVED]

I’m confused, so I imported all my animations (idle, walk, run, jump, death) and then I followed a YT tutorial to set up the Anim BP and Blendspace where that seems to be working. I have the Max Walkspeed for the running animation in the Blendspace as 1200 which I also set up for Sprinting in which I set the sprinting speed to 1200 to match the Running Animation and then go back to 600. Oddly, when I just hit the W key to walk forward its showing the Running Animation when I was expecting the Walking Animation. I checked my default character Max Walkspeed and it’s set to 600 which is where the Walking Animation is at currently in the Blendspace when I checked it so why in the world is the Running Animation playing then? Is there another spot I should be checking? Any idea what I did wrong maybe?

This is a bit confusing without a picture of your blendspace setup.

The max walk speed can be whatever number you want, but the blendspace that blends between idle-walk-run animations needs to be set up with your ideal values. idle = 0, walk = 600, run = 1200.

It sounds like you have a toggle for setting the max walk speed from 600 to 1200 when sprinting is active, which blends up to the max of your blendspace. If this is set up properly, double check that your blendspace has the correct animation set for each point (i.e. you walk point could be reference the run animation instead of walk).

Hey @ConradG, sorry about that meant to and forgot because I was in the middle of doing something else at the time. Anyhow, hmm, well the sprint does toggle it I think but not so sure. I ended up deleting my sprint script last night after making it to try again as I thought I may have messed something up although I’m not so sure. I will poke around with it some more later after work again this evening. The blendspace I was mucking around with based on the above which is why it is slightly different than the screenshot I added but unfortunately I ran into the same problem still and I think it might have something to do with what you said above. I can see when I preview the blendspace that works fine so my only thought atm is maybe I am missing something somewhere else or need to set the walk speed when pressing the input key to move forward is the only other thing that comes to mind which is really weird considering the blendspace is working normally when previewed. Also the speed/direction values are empty so I know those aren’t the problem I don’t think.

I followed this tutorial to learn how to make a basic anim bp creation: How To Make An Animation Blueprint And Blendspace - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube

And got the Sprint w/Stamina from: Sprinting With Stamina Bar Tutorial Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

I found a solution thanks to this guy over at Beard Games: Unreal Engine 4 - Animation Blueprint & Blendspace Tutorial - YouTube

Basically the issue before is not copying over the default blueprint in the default animbp along with a different looped workflow that plays the idle, walk, run, jump animations correctly at the proper speeds and transitions and it works absolutely perfect!

I’m posting this to help other people who might run into the same issue wondering why it isn’t working, just use the setup detailed in the YT Vid and you’re golden! :smiley:

Can you explain briefly?
i’m new to Unreal Engine…having same problem