cannot figure out Mac fullscreen shortcut in level editor

Hi, Im very new to this program and I have been trying to watch some tutorials on the basics. the tutorial I paid for talks about putting the level editor in play mode (as in the play button on the toolbar) but I can not figure out the shortcut for it. Nor can I figure out the shortcut on Mac for the fullscreen mode after you push play… on his tutorial he said its F11. Ive tried Shift+F11 and all the other buttons with F11 too (control, alt (option), and command) but to no avail. so if anyone knows what these shortcuts are I would be grateful for the help. Ive gone into the preferences and looked at the keyboard shortcuts, but i don’t see anything under fullscreen other than to make the whole program run fullscreen. and the play button shortcut does not work according to the preferences on the settings. Im sorry for the newbie question.