Cannot download unreal engine from epic games launcher

Hi, I can’t seem to download 4.7.2, it’s my first time trying to download and in the library there’s a tab with ‘4.7.2 queued’ and also at the top right the downloads menu it’s shows the download as pending, been like that for like 2 hours

Hi Budge,

Check this troubleshooting guide and see if anything in the “The Launcher is unable to download content” section helps. If not, please follow the instructions on getting your Debug logs and post the information here. Thanks!

Hi here is the log

link text

Can I get some help? I’d like to get started with the engine!

Hi Budge,

We have someone assigned to your issue, and they may have some questions for your soon. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Budge,

Do you happen to be using a Mac? If so do you have multiple accounts on your Mac computer?

-Max B.

Hi yes I’m on a mac, not sure what you mean by multiple accounts? You mean Epic games accounts?

sorry not your Epic Games accounts, I’m talking about your Mac’s user accounts. Has more than one been made?

Only one user account but I do have windows installed on the mac with bootcamp

Hmm, could you post a copy of your system specs?

Interesting, do you have the launcher installed on both windows and Mac?

i only have it installed on OSX (yosemite) which is where i want to install the engine.

Where do i find system specs?

Go to the Apple icon and then it’s under ‘About this Mac’.

Ok. We’ve seen this issue before but it involved users with multiple mac user accounts. The underlying cause though is because the account does not read/write access on the shared folder.

Can you try this?

  • Select the Shared folder
  • Right-click/double-click to open the file menu
  • Select Get Info
  • Open the “Sharing & Permissions” tab
  • Check and see if your user account has read/write access for the shared folder

yes it has read and write access. There is a ‘Guest’ folder in the users folder by the way, not sure if that matters.

OSX Yosemite
iMac Mid 2011
Processor 3.1ghz intel core i5
Memory 8GB
Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB

Still can’t download it guys! Am I not getting anymore help here? Can’t I just get a direct link or something?

Hi Budge,

Can you also make sure that your user account has read/write access to all enclosed items of the Shared folder? To do this:

  1. Go to /Macintosh HD/Users/
  2. Control+Click on the Shared folder and select “Get Info”
  3. Click the small lock icon at the bottom right corner and enter your user credentials
  4. Click on your user account and then the small gear icon beneath the sharing & permissions section
  5. Click the “Apply to enclosed items…” option
  6. Try downloading the engine again

Sorry budge, I’m having developers take a look at your logs as I have not seen this issue before. I will try and get an answer for you as soon as possible.

-Max B.