Cannot download dependencies behind Proxy


I am connected to the internet via a Proxy. I am not being able to download the dependencies for the Unreal Engine 4.6.1 Source Files. On executing the setup.bat file, I am displayed with an error saying "Could not resolve host name ‘

I have already setup the HTTP_proxy and the HTTPS_proxy environment variables on my system. The Unreal Engine Launcher has successfully downloaded the UE4.6.1 executable and the unreal editor is working perfectly fine. Which means the launcher is catching my Proxy settings.

I cannot compile the Editor using the source code since I cannot access the dependencies. Is there an alternative way to download the dependencies for UE 4.6.1? Please help!

Hey anmolmahatpurkar-

Are you able to download the dependencies if you add “” (no quotes) to the proxy exception list?

Hi anmolmahatpurkar,

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Thank you.

You can run the ‘Setup’ script with your proxy information.


C:\Code\GitHub\UnrealEngine> setup --proxy=http://username:password@proxyaddress:8080

This worked! Thank you!