Cannot download content on market.

Well somtimes the launcher seems to work and download me 2 plugins.
But more often,no matter how many times i tryed,the market page on the launcher just say:NOAVAILABLE——even though it is a paid content i have bought.
To make it worse,“learn” module shows a error page.

SO,I cannot get access to your fantastic demo projects(like epic zen garden).
I cannot download assets I bought.

This issue emerges recently.
About a month ago everything’s OK.

I am in China,with my VPN on or off,anyway……
It’s tiring and time wasting……

My attempts:
1.install a new launcher on another system
2.register a new account
3.turn on the vpn
all above not helping……

I currently use UE4.13.2.

Hi knziha.

I’m sorry to hear you are having download issues with the Launcher.

Please review this page ( to see if any of the troubleshooting steps help you. If you need further assistance, please click the “Email Us” button on that page for further support.