Cannot delete BSP

I’m trying to delete a bsp on the map that doesn’t show in my scene outliner. I’ve rebuilt the scene and he’s still there, but only in perspective, in top, front and wireframe it’s not there…

Am i doing something wrong ?

try right clicking on it and selecting delete or cut

Probably it helps when you do it like that: do a right click onto the object -> edit -> delete

Nop, still doesn’t work, cut won’t work and delete is unclickable

Hmm, could you probably upload the map (without any meshes -> just with the object which is causing the problem) so that we can take a look at it?

That piece that i want to remove


here’s the link

So in either unit or lit, its there, but in wireframe…it’s not

Just select it in the scene outliner (it should be there -> otherwise it is strange, because I have it) and then delete it :slight_smile: (Cylinder Brush):


i wasn’t able to select it, but with the name on the brush on your picture, i was able to find it!!

Thanks a lot!!