Cannot delete asset "redirector"

Low priority question… Some time ago I had a blueprint A. I created a similar blueprint B and deleted A. Now when I open the Reference viewer of blueprint B I can see a “Redirector” of the deleted blueprint A that depends on B. On my file system I have blueprint A with a very small size, and blueprint B with regular size. Apparently my delete operation somewhat succeeded in deleting A, but not entirely. “A” seems unnecessary, nothing depends on it (though it depends on other things).

I cannot figure out a way to delete the “Redirector” and the small file. It’s not present in the content browser. Should I just delete it from the file system directly? Not sure if this is a bug (or a bug of an older version, which I used when I tried to delete it two months ago).

Fixup Redirector From Editor

To see redirectors in the editor enable the Show Redirectors filter in the content browser. Then, right click a redirector and select Fixup. This will resave all packages that point to the redirector, and will delete the redirector if it was able to resave all things referencing it.