Cannot crouch (docs.unrealengine tutorial not working)


I am working on my first character animation and am having some trouble. I’m using the Vanguard character from the Mixamo pack (I already retargeted the skeleton to the ue4 mannequin) and the animation starter pack. I know there are many great tutorials on how to do this, but I followed
because it had mostly everything I wanted (a third person shooter). However, after finishing the walkthrough, omitting all the ‘prone’ stuff, I am left with a character that will not crouch. When my crouch input, C, is pressed, my character changes speed the way he should, but it appears to be skipping the crouch state in my state machine. Instead, he enters run state, but at crouch speed. Even at a stand still, my character will not change to the crouch animation when I tell it to.

I know there is an option in the character blueprint that enables the ability to crouch, but this did not help my problem (I kept it checked).

I have no problem with posting screenshots, but my work is nearly identical to what is shown in the link above, unless I made a mistake.

Has anyone else had trouble following this tutorial, or could you provide some help? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Sure thing. I have a feeling the problem lies somewhere in there, but I’m not sure. All the pictures are in my google drive. Here’s the link.

Need to see the transition rule for run state since the character is transitioning to the run state instead of the crouched idle or crouched state, that rule seems to be firing and overriding the rule to use the crouch states. Take a closer look at what is triggering the Run state to fire instead of the crouch, if it is just based on speed then that will fire before crouch since that variable is set before the crouch variable is. Adding to the run state transition rule a check for crouch should fix it if all you have is a check on speed.

I’ll give that a shot, but how would that affect my inability to enter crouch state from idle state where speed is zero?

I took screenshots of my transition rules between crouch, walk, and run and added them to a shared folder accessible by the link I posted above.

Ah yes, I made a dumb mistake that I can’t believe I didn’t catch earlier. I was setting my running variable to true instead of my crouch variable. I changed that and it all works now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

In the character event graph how are you setting the crouch variable?

Looks like the transition rule screenshot from Idle_Rifle_Hip_Copy to Run_BS is still missing.

Great, glad you figured it out, don’t forget to mark it as resolved/answered.