Cannot create several Bind trigger to Event? Why? With screenshot

I have in my level Bleuprint one succesfull setup where i connect a BP mesh to an ‘‘Assign Trigger’’ in Level BP (becomes Bind Event, the right one works, see image below)

Now i want to add another BP mesh with ‘‘Assign Trigger’’ but it won’t let me connect the ‘‘Reset menu trigger’’ to the ‘‘Bind Event to trigger (Assign Trigger node)’’?
See here the error i get in the image below, why is this setup which is thesame as the right one not working twice?

Okay, problem Solved.

I did not reconize that the ‘"Event Dispatcher Name’’ you have given to ‘‘Call’’ is the connection and only connection you have to make. I was searching for specific ‘‘Assign Trigger’’, but that offcourse did not work. I forgot this and oversaw this.