Cannot create New Montage Section in Persona

I was following BP 3rd Person Game tutorial on the official YouTube channel. In 17th video I followed the tutorial to create a new montage section in newly-created Animation Montage, but the new Section Name window just flashed and disappeared, and so I couldn’t create the new montage section.

I’m on macOS High Sierra, engine version 4.18.1.


I have taken a look at the issue and am not getting the same results on my end. If you right click in the Content Browser, go to animation under Create Advanced Asset there should be the option to create an Animation Montage. Once your montage is created, in the Montage Group you should be able to right click and a New Montage Sections option will show up. If you select this, Section Name should appear and you should be able to go ahead and type what you would like to call it. If you click anywhere off of it, the box will disappear and the name is not created.

-Thank you

Yes I’ve already created the Animation Montage:

Here I select New Montage Section and the problem I mentioned showed up, the name-asking box just blinked and I didn’t have the chance to set it.

I’m having the same issue. I right-click, select “New Montage Section,” can see the “Section Name” box appear very briefly (a fraction of a second, or so), then close. Once in every 20 tries or so, it works: I eventually created the sections as seen here. But I have the same behavior.

If it helps, I’m on OS X (Sierra) and version 4.18.1-3754814+++UE4+Release-4.18.

(For completion’s sake, the next step of the tutorial had the same bug for me, as well. Setting up a notify in the same interface has the same problem.)


Sorry I overlooked that you were on Mac. I have taken another look at the issue and was able to reproduce it. I have gone ahead and logged it in our bug tracker. If you would like to keep an eye on the issue, you can do so here. If you have any other questions regarding the issue, feel free to reopen this thread.
-Thank you

same problem here

I have this issue too. MacOS Sierra, Unreal Engine 4.18.1. Reloading does not help.

Also, as a temporary solution, press “Enter” right after clicking “New Montage Section”. It takes time to practice, but it will let you to create sections. Then you will have an opportunity to edit them.