Cannot create new C++ Project

Hey guys, I’m new to Unreal Engine and sort-of new to game development. I decided to jump into the Unreal Programming Guide, but get stuck on the first step when I try to create a new C++ Basic Code Project. It will begin to compile the project before I get “The project failed to compile with this version of the engine. Would you like to open the project in Visual Studio?”.

I’d rather just do all my work in UE without having to resort to VS, so any tips as to why it’s doing this? Let me know if you need any other info or if there is a better board for this. Thanks!

I`m using vs2013 but the engine break down when the compiling process is 85%

When you are working with C++ in UE4 you have to go in to Visual Studio as UE4 does not have a code editor built directly into it. Do not confuse the Blueprints system for C++ as they are not the same.

For the other dude, try updating to the 2015 version of Visual Studio that should fix it for you, as it did for me.