cannot create a new world partition?

new to UE and using v5.02 the ‘enable world partition’ checkbox does not even exist?
trying to just get a start with it and the very first step cannot be done, where i would have to create a new world partition but the project settings box does not exist for the option at all.

upper left corner of the screen:File->New Level->open world or empty open world

yes but in preferences the world partition capability has to be turned on in order for that to work. the option to do this does not exist in 5.02 and even an UE5 tutorial shows this option exists to be turned on.
so i have no idea if it is or is not being on by default, if it is off, or if it has in fact been turned on.

5.02 No need to manually open the open world

it appears that UE5 is changing constantly to the point where one cannot even follow a UE5 tutorial. everything i see in the GUI in the tutorial is entirely unlike what UE5 has on my side.