Cannot craft custom item

I’ve created a new skeleton rig for a “skinning knife” and imported that.

Everything is based off of the metal axe, so I duplicated the “PrimalItem_WeaponBase_Hatchet” and set everything to point at my custom assets on the duplicated blueprint. It animates fine, but my problem now is that when i go to do a playtest, the engram shows up properly in the crafting interface, but once I select craft, it just sits there in the crafting queue and does nothing, and it doesn’t allow crafting of anything else either.

This is my first time modding anything, so if there is further information that would be helpful I will try to answer. Bit frustrated that I got this far then got stuck!

Sounds like a missing reference to me honestly. That is usually what causes these sort of problems. I’d highly suggest double checking all your references by using the reference viewer along with manually checking. It also almost sounds like it’s causing the editor to lock up to me, which would also indicate a bad or missing reference potentially. After checking this let me know the results, and we will go from there!

  • Sinari

I think it’s missing references to blue prints (compared it to the metal axe, which has several more blueprint references than the knife does) – but I can’t figure out how to edit what it references =(

I’ve heard it’s easier to make things a subclass, but when I was right clicking I couldn’t see an option for that; maybe doing it as a subclass though will pull over the correct references.

EDIT: I didn’t have a weapon blueprint setup for it, so seeing if tha twill help fix it.

When the item gets stuck in the crafting queue inside the test level, i can still move around, open menus etc. However, the crafting icon stays there and does not progress, no resources are subtracted and i do not receive the skinning knife i am trying to craft.

I added a weapon template for it, that didn’t help.

When you are duplicating an item to use, persay as a template for a new one, you should do so by clicking and dragging the desired blueprint(s) & assets into your mod folder and then selecting Copy instead of move. This is probably the best way to go about duplicating any blueprints/assets without having to re-reference everything it uses. Please do note though, that for a weapon you will need to grab ALL of its core blueprints and duplicate, then rename & remap.

90% sure the issue at hand is just due to references being missed :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a break for a bit and come back to it after brainstorming a bit about your process with it. You might find some more clarity in the situation after that. I say this because I know this from personal experience :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Sinari