Cannot connect to Source Control

I am running Unreal 4.7.4 from Github on Linux. The editor seems to run fine, however, when I click on the “Connect to Source Control” button nothing happens – no popup window, no error message, nothing. In the message log I can see the following message several times: “Source control is disabled”. The same message is shown in the tooltip popup of the “Source Control” button in the toolbar.

When I start the editor from command line I can see the following message when trying to connect to Source Control:

STUBBED: FSourceControlModule::ShowLoginDialog - no Slate at /opt/UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Developer/SourceControl/Private/SourceControlModule.cpp:162 (ShowLoginDialog)

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Hey -

I bugged that the Source Control Login menu doesn’t open on Linux (UE-12976) for further investigation.


Thank you very much. Where do I find the Unreal issue tracker (and this issue in particular)?

The bug reporting system used is an internal database. I will post an update here once there is more information on a fix for this.

Ohh I see, thanks for the feedback!

This is not a bug, more like a missing feature: source control is explicitly disabled under Linux.

See source file UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Developer\SourceControl\Public\ISourceControlProvider.h line 9:


Ask Dmitri for the reason, but I think this was to reduce the size of codebase to port to Linux

Yes, you’re right. Well, then I guess I’ll use SVN via command line…