Cannot connect to perforce server in 4.10 preview 3

I am unable to connect to my perforce server in 4.10 preview 3, though I am now able to actually open the configuration dialog unlike in preview 2. The connection works fine in P4V and P4, with only Unreal having an issue.

The exact message is: “Failed to connect to source control. Check your settings and connection then try again.”

Also, it seems to fail way too fast, as if it isn’t even trying the connection. Normally it takes a second or two to connect (my connection isn’t great and the server is on the other side of the country) so it doesn’t even seem to be trying (it fails instantly).

The “Available Workspace” dropdown also isn’t populated, so I’ve tried entering the name of the workspace manually.

Hello redxdev,

I was just able to add a 4.10 Preview 3 project to a Perforce workspace and then connect to Perforce through UE4 without an issue. Is the project that you’re trying to connect to Perforce with already checked into Perforce or is it not added yet? Can you let me know how your file structure is set up?

Also, what OS are you using? It could be a factor.

I am on Windows 10 x64.

The project is in perforce already, and was using perforce in unreal on 4.9. After the upgrade to 4.10 (preview 2), the perforce source control plugin crashed the editor (which was fixed), but now it is unable to connect. I’ve checked that the settings match P4V exactly, but to no avail.

The server uses ticket-based authentication, with tickets that expire every day. It doesn’t matter whether I have a ticket already or not; the editor fails either way. Trying with a password also fails.

The file structure is pretty simple, the unreal project sits at the top of the depot (i.e. //depot/MyProject.uproject). The depot is a stream depot and is setup on the mainline stream.

It also wokrs fine for me. Im on Win10, UE4.10preview3. I can connect and submit to Perforce. good luck…

If the editor is crashing, is it giving you a crash reporter window? If so, can you provide me with the callstack from this window? Also, can you try setting up a new repository with a brand new project (not converted from a previous version) to see if the same issue occurs?

Sorry if it was confusing, the editor crashed in preview 2 which was already fixed in preview 3.

Preview 3 just can’t connect to the server. I’ve tried setting up a new project, adding the files to a new depot (through P4V), and connecting to it in unreal but to no avail. What surprised me is that the editor remembers my connection information despite me starting a new project. Is there maybe a file in the unreal installation that saves that info, and could that maybe have saved something wrong?

Additional detail: Perforce server is using SSL. Not sure if that matters. The server address ends up being


Still having this problem on preview 4.

I am still having this issue. I’m also a bit confused as the engine seems to remember my perforce details even after closing, deleting the source control settings config file in Saved/Config/Windows, and starting the editor again.

From what I understand, the Perforce plugin links up to the workspace that you are currently using in your Perforce client and/or the workspace that the project is located in to pre-populate the Available Workspaces dropdown. I’m continuing to look into the issue and I’ll let you know when I have more information.

Ah, actually that makes a lot of sense. I have environment variables set (P4PORT, P4CLIENT, etc), I’ll play around with that to see what works.


Removing the environment variables didn’t help, and the fields were still prefilled with (wrong) server information. Seems that it’s remembering the last good connection it had, which is to a server that doesn’t actually exist anymore.


According to cancel’s comment below it might be that SSL is broken with 4.10

Same problem here. The issue seems to be servers with P4 servers with SSL enabled, not tickets or passwords or anything like that. If I open the same project in 4.9 instead of 4.10, the P4 integration in the editor works fine. Broken in 4.10, it doesn’t even seem to attempt to contact a server. I looked through the UE4 source for recent relevant changes, but didn’t find anything.

See this question here, same problem: Perforce SSL not working as of 4.10 - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

Yeah, I’m using SSL as well so it seems that could be the issue.

Hello everyone,

It appears that this has already been reported elsewhere and you can find information surrounding that report here: Perforce SSL Failing in 4.10 - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

We hope to have this fixed soon, but please be aware that we do acknowledge that SSL is having issues in 4.10.