Cannot compile, LINK errors?.

Hi, I’m new to C++ and UE4, and after following the programming tutorials I hit this brick wall, an error that I have no clue what it says, something about being unable to link


I wonder if this is related to the error I currently have about not being able to debug… but I’m not trying to debug, I’m running without debugging (ctrl + F5).

Any help is appreciated!.

Try rebuilding your project and make sure you have the engine closed, no editor no nothing. The error says it can not open open the produced .dll file, which is where you project code will be in. I see that the error log has a scroll bar, is there any other error that you could post (IntelliSense errors are not affecting)?

You are not debugging but you are building in debug mode (see the combobox next to the run button) so it will produce an extra file that holds debug information (the .pdb).

I had opened UE4, I closed it, cleaned the project, ran (ctrl + F5) and it worked, the Pickup class now it’s ready to be placed on the level.

However, it makes me wonder, is this workflow normal?, shouldn’t I be able to build and see the changes in the UE4 immediately instead of having to close the editor and then opening it again?.

In 4.5 you will be able to hot-reload. Take into account that UE uses native C++ code and not C# or Javascript as Unity for example.

I see, so the only workflow available right now is the one I did, it would have been useful if the teacher told us so -_-.

Edit.: the teacher told us so, at the end of the video.