Cannot change Wyvern stats

Hey all, I am running into an issue where I cannot change anything in DinoCharacterStatus_BP_Wyvern_C1. Absolutely no editable boxes, or boxes of any kind show up. I can duplicate it, and get a C2, and then I can see all the right boxes, but it will not default to using C2, so this seems pointless. Has any one encountered this at all?


Anybody know how to attached the wyvern_base to the fire/lightening/poison wyverns? I cant seem to figure this out. Since you cannot edit the default DinoCharaterStatus_BP_Wyvern_C1, and adding a C2 doesnt do anything, I cannot get the wyvern base stats to change.

I believe you need to set the priority of your DinoCharacterStatus_BP(C2 in your case). Open it, search for priority and set it to 2 or 3 to see which works.