Cannot change collision preset in instance

Hello I have a strange issue since I’ve updated my engine from 4.16 to 4.18.

I have a simple platform blueprint like this in which I can modify the collision preset and that can be edited when inherited:

When I put it into my world it looks like this:

I used to change the collision preset when needed in some instances but now as you can see in this image, the option is greyed out and I can’t modify the collision preset in the instance like I used to.
How can I do it ? I feel like I’m missing something simple…

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I hate it when this happens…

I have the same problem. Any idea what causes it? Did you manage to fix it?

Hi, no I ended up creating a second similar blueprint class just to handle this difference.

That happens because you are trying to change a preset that includes multiple different variables for the blueprint instance. You need to change it from the blueprint itself. You can still change the collision settings controlled by the preset if you use the “custom” preset in the blueprint for each instance.

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