Cannot cast to my player Pawn

Hi guys, me again…

I have created a pawn that is my player called VR_Pawn and have created an enemy character that uses pawn sensing however, when I try to cast from on See Pawn to VR_Pawn the cast always fails.
I have created a new pawn to test the setup and it works fine, it just wont cast to my VR_Pawn.

I have had the two blueprints (VR_Pawn and TestPawn) open side by side and cannot see a difference between how they are set up.

Any ideas?

Screenshot below…




Printing out the object it is sensing might shed some light

Is there a function or node I can use to do that? (I’ve been using Print String for pretty much all of my debugging up till now!!!

Thanks for the help!


Just drag the pawn pin from OnSeePawn to PrintString…

Ah! Thank you sooo Much mate! that has totally opened things up!
Now for the issue, Ive been testing AI blueprints in viewport using simulation but… The Game is VR baed so unless I run it through the HMD the Pawn (VR_Pawn) doesnt actually exist in world. It was sensing Spectator Pawn which I Mistook for the VR_Pawn.

Thanks again! That is a massive headache gone!