Cannot call parent functions from child class/begin play not firing on instantiated blueprint actors

Hello. I have a blueprint actor class that is extended to create modular rooms which serve as my level at runtime. I’ve written some code that swaps these rooms out and snaps them together in different configurations at runtime. However, for this game to work, these rooms are heavily dependent on the Event Begin Play logic I have written into their parent MapTile class. However, when I spawn these rooms, the event does not fire. In fact, to test, I had some of these rooms preinstantiated in my level, and somehow, despite the fact that two rooms were put into the level, only one fired begin play, and yet all the logic ran on both instances. From that point on, any rooms instantiated during runtime did not fire begin play.

As far as workarounds, I tried abstracting the begin play logic to its own custom event and then calling that manually after each room’s instantiation, but even this refused to work. I’ve also tried copy pasting the logic into the child classes, but this doesn’t work either. In fact, I’ve tried to breakpoint on the Parent: BeginPlay node provided by the editor on making a new child class, and the breakpoint did not fire. HOWEVER, despite the breakpoint not hitting, the print statement I put immediately after, printed my test string. It seems as though breakpoints, parent function calls, and god knows what else aren’t working in my project. Please help.

Further workaround that’s been tried: I added an interface function to handle my begin play logic and called it both ways (begin play and manually after instantiation). Still no dice. Is anyone there??

So I discovered that it was my mistake. I still am experiencing breakpointing issues, but what happened was that I forgot to create a binding to a delegate in the MapTile class for the ones generated at runtime. Please disregard.