Cannot Build Ship Game

Howdy! I am having an Issue on building a ship game And I am Late on Putting this up for the Unreal January Game Jam. Here is the Project file. I don’t know what is the Issue with it.


Hey JvtheWanderer,

The “reinst” and “accessed none” errors mean that the engine was looking at a location for the enemy actor but it had been moved without a reference. Once the enemy asset was moved to a new location, another blueprint is referencing a location where the enemy no longer exists. The two reason this occurs are a folder that was holding the re-director was deleted, or the asset was moved outside of the engine, where it was unable to create a reference (ex: manually moving the asset through Windows Explorer) This usually is fixed by reapplying the asset to wherever it was referenced.

I was able to see the errors by playing your project in a new window and receiving damage from a slime enemy. it was throwing multiple errors once the windowed game was closed. our developers are working on making those error messages explain what is occurring better and help you debug.

One thing that you could do is use ‘Is Valid?’ nodes to check if there is actually an actor in the array for ‘Enemy Data’. We found that when I put an ‘Is Valid?’ check before set location of the enemy from the enemy actor array, it seems that enemy data is not being populated.

Let me know if you have any additional questions. I am here to help.

Thanks and have a great day!

How do I reapply the Asset? Do I just Put back the removed asset to where it was before?

Hi Jv,

You would go inside the blueprint and then it would need to be reapplied where it is referencing. In the case with the enemy blueprint, it would need to be referenced in Enemy data again. That would let the engine know where it is now located.

After we threw in the ‘Is Valid?’ and reapplied the defaults of the variables, the enemies are now moving back and forth and are attacking the playing.


ok I tryed to follow your instruction but since 4.7 preview 4 release I’m having difficulty on opening one of my BP file and sometime the folder it self. (The Project was using 4.7 Preview 3 at the time it was build)

When I try to open the Room BP the Engine crashes. and if I was opening something else and Doing something then try to open the Room Folder I won’t get as far as having the Engine crash. The download folder is still the same as before.

Hey Jv,

Thank again for providing that information. I was able to see the engine crash immediately when trying to open one of the Room Blueprints. I have placed JIRA ticket UE-8523 into out bug database so that the issue may be resolved in a future release.

Thanks and have a great day!