Cannot blueprint any input in VR Template!

Hi All,

I’ve just started to learn Unreal Engine 4 and it’s great!

However, as a small project I’ve tried to make my own Lightsaber VR experience. It so far has turned out brilliant, however I would love to have a feature which allows users to toggle between hilts/blade colour.

So far, I just want to change the hilt (one child actor to another), and thought I could just toggle the visibility of the mesh in the event blueprint. However, no input is being received on both the keyboard and my oculus rift touch controllers!

I am new to this, so I was just wondering: what am I missing? And how can I fix this?

Also, if it helps, all of this is happening inside the event graph of the BP_MotionController blueprint that comes with the VR template.

Thanks for the help!