'|' cannot be saved as console key input

Both in 4.2 and 4.3 I have not been able to save the button ‘|’ (samme button as § on Northern European keyboards).
If I change Console Key in the Project Settings (and yes, ‘Save as Default’) it will work from the editor in that session. After restarting the editor however this input will have reverted to ‘None’.

Other buttons like F1, Tab etc work fine and will store between sessions (and be applied to packaged deployments, launch and so forth).

I have tried editing the .ini file directly but it doesn’t pickup ‘|’.


the | is parsed as delimiter for several purposes in UE4, the most notable of which is for creating subcategories.

You will see in the code base Category="MainCategory|Subcategory" quite often

I am under the impression you will simply have to pick a different symbol given the role this symbol plays in UE4 code


Interesting. The ‘|’ button is on Northern European keyboards located where the ‘Tilde’ key is located on US keyboard layouts which makes it easily reachable. I guess we drew the shortest straw on this one, thanks. :slight_smile:

Epic should probably remove the input-option from the drop-down menu in that case.