Cannot Authenticate Game Center

Hello! I am building an app for iPhone and am having difficulty authenticating with Game Center.

I have a development certificate and development provisioning profile set in the project preferences. I did not set up anything special in Xcode itself. Can Game Center start up with these provided credentials?

I have successfully launched it on iPhone 7 (using Project Launcher in Unreal). I am using the “Show External Login” BP function to log in, but it always fails (help from [this post][1]).

In the Project Settings, I ticked the “Enable Game Center Support” option and other options from the forum post [here][4].

As stated in the post, I changed my .ini files to make IOS my default Online subsystem platform as well.

I have a feeling that the project is trying to login, but the service is null as it always fails on login.

As a side note, I downloaded [Unreal’s Match 3][7] and launched it to my phone, which successfully connects to Game Center. I am trying to follow their method to no avail.

UPDATE: Added pictures and more information.

Well, it turns out that my problem was that I did not enable the online subsystem plugin in the editor.

This is “Online Subsystem iOS” plugin in the “Plugins” menu in the Unreal Editor. Once this was ticked and I restarted the engine, my game was able to authenticate me with Game Center.

Hopefully I wasn’t the only one to make this dumb mistake and it helps someone else!