Cannot attach static PaperSpriteActor to nonstatic PaperCharacter

I’m trying to follow this documentation: Paper 2D Sprite Sockets in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation to create a basic socket on a sprite and attach another to it.
Unfortunately I get the following error when I attempt to run:
Warning AttachTo: ‘/Game/ThirdPersonBP/Maps/UEDPIE_0_ThirdPersonExampleMap.ThirdPersonExampleMap:PersistentLevel.Engine_C_11.Sprite0’ is not static (in blueprint “Engine”), cannot attach ‘/Game/ThirdPersonBP/Maps/UEDPIE_0_ThirdPersonExampleMap.ThirdPersonExampleMap:PersistentLevel.TurretProto_C_63.RenderComponent’ which is static to it. Aborting.

Attached is a screenshot of my blueprint in the Engine PaperCharacter class. I’ve looked around for help online, but couldn’t find the solution anywhere.
Both blueprints are set to moveable and as a result I’m not even sure what it means to be static or not static.
TurretPrototype has no blueprint of it’s own and is a basic PaperSpriteActor that holds a one frame flipbook.
I’ve previously used UE3 for 3d about five years ago, but I’m only just learning UE4 and blueprints so I do apologise for my total lack of knowledge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.