Cannot affect my countdown timer, broken power-up!

Hi guys, I have tried to resolve this issue myself by going back over the logic but cannot figure why one power-up effect (add or minus time) will not work. I’m making a rolling ball game on 4.2.1, so I currently have; a HUD blueprint, the RollingBallBP and two power-up blueprints (Star and Diamond) which are intended to act as a point multiplier and to grant bonus time, respectively.


The Star blueprint (score multiplier) works fine, however the Diamond blueprint does not pass the Cast to HeadUpDisplay nor does it execute the DiamondPickup event which should deduct ten seconds. If I take the Cast to and DiamondPickup components out the remaining sequence - Spawn Emitter, Play Sound and Destroy Actor - execute correctly. I have tried hooking the problematic Cast to and DiamondPickup to the OnComponentEndOverlap event, hoping that the DiamondPickup would correctly give the player another ten seconds before the game over prompt but this didn’t work either.

Is there something wrong with my logic or perhaps the HUD type blueprint doesn’t like being cast to?

maybe it comes from that you cast one to your character ( the working one ) and the other to your hud which can’t be the other actor from the overlap event. So it fails casting.

Cast to your ball, set a variable headupdisplay in it and cast to your bp from it.

I stumbled upon this thread along with your answer, which made me realise I can’t cast to my HUD as you said (because it’s not an actor, right?) and instead connected the ‘other’ part of the Diamond blueprints BeginOverlap as follows, which fixed the issue!


The objects (diamonds) in the scene now correctly disappear and the ten seconds is added to the players time limit.

Thanks for the reply Fen. :slight_smile:

Happy it helped. I did not thought about “get controller / get hud” huhuhuhu I’ll try to do better next time :stuck_out_tongue:

But be sure you’ll not have overlap from another actor in level as you no more check the overlap other actor node.