Cannot Add Splines To Landscape After Reopening Map

I have been adding splines to my landscape with no issues, but when I close and reopen the map, I am no longer able to ctrl-left click to add new spline points onto the landscape. This affects both completely new splines and adding on to the ends of existing splines. I CAN still add points between existing points on a segment to refine it, but obviously the other functionality getting broken is killing my ability to get anything done.

Is there any way to address this? Has anyone else seen it?

I got the excact same issue, i used to be able to create them, and now, all of a sudden i can’t add new ones

Oh after a bit of digging, i found the reason (atleast for me), reason it does not allow me to add a landscape spline point, is that i did not have the streaming level selected where i had my landscape on. It’s clearly a bit confusing that it does not show any errors or warnings, while still allowing to modify existing ones.

In case someone else runs into this issue, hope the above can be of help.

Thank you i was wondering why didnt work anymore now its all good