Cannot add meshes to Instanced Static Meshes Array in blueprint?

I’m trying to instantiate several meshes using a blueprint.
The idea is to have categories of meshes and then when I need a mesh from one category, I take one of the array and add one instance at the appropriate location.

What works, so far, is to have a Instanced Static Meshes component in the blueprint.
However I’ve not found a way to have an Instanced Static Meshes array component.

Instead I’ve tried to use a Instanced Static Meshes array variable but I cannot add anything to the array. It doesn’t work with a simple Instanced Static Meshes variable either. Browsing doesn’t show anything and drag & dropping a static mesh on it highlights the slot in red.

Am I trying to do something impossible?

Just use an array of meshes.

When you make an instanced static mesh component, then you can drag off that and choose set static mesh, and choose one of your meshes…

Just to clarify. When you add the ISM, you can’t see it. Then you add the instances, which are what you see in the level.

Each ISM can only be one mesh, but you can have as many instances as you want.

If you want hundreds of cubes, spheres and pyramids, you only need 3 ISMs, what you see, is all the instances.

Thank you. I think I understand now. I’ve expanded from your example to ensure to use only one instance of InstancedStaticMesh per Mesh and it seems to work pretty fine now.

Yeah, looks good :slight_smile:

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