Cannot add a 'GetGameInstance' node within a Macro Library


I am trying to add a ‘GetGameInstance’ node within a custom Blueprint ‘Macro Library’. It does not appear when ‘context sensitive’ is on or off.

Step Order:

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Create a new Blueprint Macro Library with it parent class as ‘Object’.
  3. Right click to add a new node.
  4. Cannot find ‘GetGameInstance’ in the ‘search’ field.

Edit: Added the missing parent class.



PS. The numbered points shows correctly in the preview but not in the final version. :frowning:

Here is 2 solutions

If your Macro Library is derived from “Object”

if it’s derived from “Actor”

My apologies for not making it a little clearer. The Macro Library parent class is ‘Object’ as shown in your first image so I can make the macro library available to all classes. Is this by designed that you cannot create a ‘GetGameInstance’ node when the parent class is ‘Object’?

Yes, if you want to call your macro from actor,character,gamemode,playercontroller,levelblueprint. … better use a Macro library derived from actor

Ok. Thanks.