Cannot access Preview 4 after getting Preview 5 in 4.7

Hey Videodrome18-

After upgrading to a newer preview version it is not possible to revert to a previous version. This is because the preview is not intended to be a full release and as such the previous version is deleted. What kind of error message are you receiving when you try to open one of your other projects?


I installed the latest version of Preview 5 in Unreal Engine 4.7, and now I am unable to access projects that were created in Preview 4. Is there any way I can downgrade to Preview 4?

I guess the only way to ‘downgrade’ is to clone the github repo (the promoted branch) and reset your local repo to the commit before preview 5.

It specifically has something to do with MoviePlayer.h, primarily that doesn’t recognize the FLoadingScreenAttributes struct.

We’re also currently working with a project where we only keep the Build, Config, Content, and Source folders, along with the uproject file.

Hey Videodrome18-

Something you can try to open the project would be to remove/delete the Intermediate folder and the Saved folder. When you attempt to open the project after this it should force the engine to recompile.