Cannon Fodder - follow order issue.

im having fun with UE4 trying to make cannon fodder like game.
I manage somehow to replace top down template character with my own with bones and animations and I manage also to make
shooting toward mouse location direction.

I also made a second soldier blueprint with simple move to location to player character:

I have a problem with adding another soldiers that walks in order to first character.
I tried to make third blueprint for soldier following soldier that follows player controlled soldier but it didnt work.

Also, i tried to control offset of following character with vector + vector function but x,y values are realtive to world,
is there any option to offset to values realative to location and rotation of player character?

Thank You in advance,
any suggestions are appreciated.


If you would like to have simple AI that marches in a grid I have provided a quick example that would be a good starting point.

Please keep in mind this is just an example of somewhere to start.

In the example I give each AI a number and then I do some quick math to create a rough grid (in this example the player (the actor you will need to choose for them to follow) will be the “upper left corner” of the grid that is created)

I hope that this information helps.

Make it a great day