Canned animations

Hi there…
Im trying to work out how to do a canned animation.
Basically move a character from A to B without interaction and to play an animation.

For example… if you overlap with a volume, the character is moved vertically between 2 points and plays a climbing animation.

At the moment, I have a box overlap, teleport player to start location, move component (capsule component of character) end location, then teleport the player to a safe location.

It all works great apart from when I add an anim montage…
it goes crazy and spins all over the place.

Heres my BP

Any ideas?
Thanks for any help

There are a few ways to do this. Probably the most common way is to use a cinematic track of some sort.

If you want to do it by overriding the character animation blueprint, make sure the blueprint has a “Default slot” override before the pose output node.
Just go into the graph, right-click near the output pose node, type “slot” and it should come up with the right choice to add that default override slot. Then wire it up.

Btw, you’re doing “play animation” and “move component” at the same time – the “play animation” bit is really more like “start animation” – it won’t wait until the animation is complete.

what is causing the shaking? does it work without all the teleport stuff?