Canna-Ark Files up for grabs

Hello Everyone,
First off the team here would like to apologize for not being able to continue with Canna-ark but as a team, Infinity Origins Studio, does not have time to continue with Canna-ark and we invite the modding community to carry on our legacy. I have uploaded the Canna-ark source files and they are 100% open to the public to download and use! We will be keeping an eye how many of you do some awesome things with our mod and have high hopes that Canna-ark will evolve into something great with the help of this community! This is not a first come first serve type thing these files are for anyone and everyone, so no bickering when the same mod pops up over and over again on the workshop.

Taken down because of speed tree models

Thanks for giving us an amazing mod, and thanks even more for releasing the source and not just abandoning it. I have this setup on my server right now and I fully intend to use it to help myself learn more about unreal engine modding.

As a true cannabis promoter of its medical benefits, I shall look into this. I need to re-dl the devkit and hope I don’t kill myself whilst learning.

Sorry guys i was contacted by speedtree creator Dave in a pm to take this mod down.

Would it be possible to get my hands on the files providing I buy the speedtree assets required. I wish to learn from the files and expand upon what has been done. I have sent a friends request through steam.

For the record, If the mod is distributed w/o the SpeedTree files and someone wants to purchase those models and plug them back in that should be fine.

I’m willing to take this up. Can we get in touch?

throw me the map, my label will push this out.