[CangLoong City]-A open wrold rpg of Ancient Chinese elements

Hey Guys,
I’m glad to share the developing game project of our team with you: cangloong city
The project is a mod of The Elder Scrolls 5 first. The detail on moddb:
Through the efforts of production team, now it finally became an independent games based on UE4 production.

The name of the game: CangLoong City
The type of game: OPEN WORLD RPG
Development group:Yeying game studio

The design concept of the game:
We just want to make a legitimacy RPG game with ancient Chinese blood
(1) Create a real and open world
(2) Reasonable environmental construction and ecological system
(3) Humanized NPC set which blends the custom in the daily NPC and story design reasonably
(4) The game experience of the player from ordinary to growth and finally to the glory
(5) The reasonable and limited influence of players on the world/events/character
(6) The real cold arms war description of ancient China
(7) International political situation reference to real countries in the Southern Song Dynasty
(8) All construction and props costumes helmet were based on historical facts to build the era of realistic texture
(9) The role is given a reasonable position based on real historical events, ancient culture and ancient people’s view of the world as well as the conflict of the story
(10) Design the monster/ mythical creatures described in the Classic of Mountains and Rivers reasonably based on the behavior/ model of real animal to make the natural integration and hide around the world
(11) Find the Chinese dragon to uncover the secret of this world

Here are some images and video of our project:


Awesome, I have been hoping to see more games in other settings than we are usually getting now. Especially when they are open world’s, sandbox’s, or rpg’s. Really fun to explore those, but not even variety in the settings now days.

Hope it goes well. Hopefully you have some customization, and self progression in the game other than just combat like some games. It always feels nice to progress a character, makes me feel more connected to the world. Like building up a home, equipment, influence, and so on. At least to some degree hopefully.

Either way though, cannot wait to see how it goes.

2c: Go easy on the DOF. Hope you finish this as it looks epic!

Yea, kinda sad that the background is soo blurred out. =/

loooks great!

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