Candy Rock Star - Free Anime girl character

Well i promised this one a long time ago - sorry didn’t have much time lately…
This is a character based on UnityChan. License is a custom one which can be found here:

I have imported it into UE4 (4.15), made the materials, adjusted the animations, set the skeleton and rig (Both custom), fixed the hands.

I worked for quite a while to make the hair a physical simulation - i think it is not perfect, could use some adjustment on the weight and such i feel.

Physical hair is in the actor blueprint. I have placed 3 animations as actors in the 3rd person sample, so you can see her dance moves.

Morphs are included, so you can put some emotions on her face if you need to. She got a cute smile…

There’s always more that could be done to improve it. The unity version had some LipSynch script which was quite nice, but i lack the patience to port it to UE4, especially since i won’t use the character myself.

Also the breasts could be used with a physical simulation to give them some wobbling with the dance moves. Pretty much the same as i did with the hair, so if someone got the patience… :slight_smile:

1 file, around 90MB



This is great, thanks mate!