Cancelling sub because...

I’m out too, sub cancelled, BP are no use for anything above super simple(and yes I gave them a good go) functionality, I want the flexibility of being able to proto a character controller or an A* AI controller in script without having to go into C++, BP can’t do this feasibly, and I don’t ever see it being done visually either.

To help them out so that things can improve can you make sure to post any specific issues you have with Blueprints?

I disagree with your assessment, especially since there are examples of A* and other complicated blueprints in these very forums.

Good luck with the next engine.

Yes. There are whole lot of super advanced blueprints out there. BP is great for artists who have no programming skills however, in the hands of a skilled coder, blueprints are like portals to another dimension. There are incredible advanced blueprints on this forum, I agree with Zeuistak; in fact he is one of them.

Well okay to be honest you have like half a point here… visual scripting isn’t the best thing for everyone and yes…** I do believe that a triple language system with BP, a scripting language (like c# or whatever) and C++ would be the ideal combo for everyone** but to be perfectly fair… with blueprints you can do literally 99.999% of everything a scripting language would do… also I have to mention that C++ in UE4 is easier and more convenient than vanilla C++ and I strongly recommend to spend some time with it if you are gonna be programing.

At first I too was very skeptical about C++ and I would much rather program in Java or c# which I have years of experience with but at the end I find the BP + C++ combo to be simply superior… you just have to deal with the C++ learning curve for a bit.