Cancelling / renewing subscription

So let’s say I will subscribe to UE4 and after a few month I cancel my subscription. I would use tools to make content and maps, prototype game with Blueprint.

Once I have it working and I see it’s going in right direction, and perhaps I get some funding via Kickstater or Early Access, will I be able to renew subscription and get updates?

Hey Motorsep,

Yep! You are welcome to continue using engine without renewing your subscription for as long as you need. Once you renew, you’ll have access to all updates and content you may have missed in interim. Just make sure you pay attention to EULA in regards to profits from Early Access and Kickstarter.


What’s catch with subscriptions then?

What if most indies will do it this way? How would Epic make money if there is no solid uninterrupted flow of subscription?

A subscription gives you current updates as they happen, including bug fixes and feature updates. You also get access to Marketplace, which will soon feature more content and user-created content to download.

Epic will gain 5% of profit from any released product. You can take a look at Mark Rein’s thoughts on that here, if you’d like:

Part of their revenue kicks in when you find you have made a game that you (and others) actually enjoy, and then decide to make it available for sale.

Your contract with Unreal (when you signed up) is to pay to them 5% of whatever gross income you make from selling your game.

I feel this is so great for hobbyists and/or folks that may just enjoy tinkering with graphics and programming, especially with Unreal Engine and then if they find themselves satisfied with what they accomplish, they can actually make money, while not turning their pockets inside-out just for access to tools.

Absolutely wonderful humanity this company has shown! I can’t applaud them enough for making this very unique and generous offer to us all!


thanks for explanation. It’s hard to believe, but I guess Epic is simply awesome :slight_smile: