Cancelled Dungeon Crawl Sample?

Reference: Trello


It’s to wide.

Tell us in 3 sentences what should be in dungeon crawl sample.

Wouldn’t the top-down template be a good starting point? I’d assume so, personally. Really not sure how much more they could provide - without making it for you.

  1. Melee Weapon Handling & Damage
  2. Procedural Maze Generation
  3. Monster Generator Spawning
  4. Basic Monster AI (Behavior Tree)
  5. Basic Inventory

There are samples/tutorials for all of these except Melee weapon handling and damage i think.

A basic melee weapon tutorial is on the wiki, but later on, when I have finished the whole melee system of my game (Link), I will probably upload my way how to do it :slight_smile:

We have all of them then! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for that. Mele fighting is actually one thing I don’t have even slightest idea where to begin.

Yeah, it’s a pretty complex topic, especially the blocking -> that’s what I’m currently trying to figure out, because atm he is just abel to block arrows (projectiles) :frowning:

I was thinking along the lines of a all-in-one package. I’ll hunt down and consolidate links to the available samples/tutorials and post them here. I look forward to any Melee weapon handling and damage sample as its a challenge to get right in First Person.

hmmm…for a long time UE / UDK was branded as fps game engine among many indie devs. I think more non fps samples and in general more non fps hype would be great because UE 4 is way way more than just a fps game engine. So, if Dungeon Crawl was not eating too much time of dev team they should let him live as sample and as an ambassador for UE as a great engine for top down games :slight_smile:

I think it makes sense to remove that as it existed. “Dungeon crawl” can mean really different things to different people.

E.g., is it first person? Or third person? What third person perspective (over the shoulder, top down, 3/4ths etc.)?

Is there one character being controlled, or multiple?

Is it real-time, or turn based?

Since “dungeon crawler” doesn’t really specify any of those things, many people would end up being dissatisfied, regardless of what they actually build.

My vote is it should be re-added as: **Real-Time (Mount & Blade-style) Combat First & Third Person Dungeon Crawler **


What about a “pls make my game” sample?
Seriously guys, samples are exactly that , SAMPLES. And they are made to showcase some parts of the engine of workflow. You cant expect samples with every kind of game imaginable to appear. Maiby some other super basic ones, but i dont expect too many more samples, as EPIC is better focusing on the engine development.

So much discussion, wow!
I recommend you to read before whining with angry emoticons.
Katie archieved this card with comment “Need to define this better”.

Are there? I am a bit of a goofball, often missing things that are right in front of me. See a couple of these on the wiki, but I’d wager most who were looking forward to the dungeon crawler were looking forward to maps, AI movement and behavior tree.

Anyway, looks like RTS is up next, and thinking that may be a great example for much of these items. Seems to me, a lot of us here are working through UE4 with such a variety of game goals that sometimes trying to translate a FPS example into something completely different is strange and confusing. Seeing examples applied in many different ways helps with this. Additionally I like how a complete example fills in gaps of knowledge, where tutorial snippets sometimes assume much. Perhaps as the sample projects begin to cover more and more game styles, we will see the dungeon crawler come back into the roadmap.

In either case, it’s so amazing just to get a new demo with every update and very much look forward to new documentation changes.

Anyway, on the sample part. I think waiting for epic to release sample code or just take snippets from tutorials is a tremendously bad way to learn and actually get things done. You should focus on thinking by yourself, and apply the techniques added in general, no matter what the tutorial is about, into what you actually want to create.

You may not find specifically procedural maze generation or monster AI, but there are samples and tutorials for procedural generation in general and enemy AI. Dont stick with Wiki only, search in the forums as well.

i agree it was far too vague.

i say a proper slate tutorial should be there in its place.

Link for procedural maze generation is my signature down below. it’s more than enough to get someone started with procedural levels, although it’s c++ only, though i tried to comment everything proper. it even works great with the top down sample.

ps if you remove the code to create the outer walls and add the maze generation to fill the world, then pop that level all over into the world browser in 4.3 and you’ll have infinite perfect maze levels.

@TechLord - Thank you for the links! Couple of them I’d not stumbled upon before. Much appreciate the pointers!

@TechLord - nice!

I like the illustration, where’d you find that? Reminds me of the old vector arcade cabinets.