Cancel a delay already counting

Well, I ran into a small problem with delays not being breakable.

As you can see in the image, I am moving a static mesh from A (offscreen) to B (onscreen), making it wait 2 seconds, then moving it back to A.

The “branch” comes in when I click the mesh. Upon click it sets a bool (clicked popent) as true.
When that bool is true, meaning I have clicked the mesh while is was in the B position (on screen), I want the mesh to instantly move offscreen (position A). Which is why the “Branch.True” goes directly to the second “setlocation”.

Problem is when I click on the mesh while the delay is active it doesn’t update to ignore it. It keeps counting to 2 seconds then continues.

What can I do to make that delay dynamic?

Nevermind, a good night sleep gave me the solution. I used a delta seconds timer to branch the condition.

I also realized I had to split the second part and tie it into the “event tick” white line. So now I have 2 lines, tied togheter by a condition which waits for the timer to get to 2 seconds.

If anyone is interested in this let me know I can explain further.