Can you zip up level only?

Is it possible to only zip up a specific level instead of the entire project?

You can migrate a level to a new empty project, then zip the content folder of that new project

Well, unfortunately, the migrate process seems to be buggy and not working. Other folks already tried it, but you can’t mirgrate a level, because inside the unreal browser, the native unreal file format can’t be read from unreal… kinda funny…

Of course you can migrate a level. I don’t know what you mean by “the native unreal file format can’t be read from unreal”.

I just tested it and it works fine. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a new empty unreal project. This will be a dummy project and only used as a placeholder to migrate the level into.
  2. Open the project that has the level you want to zip
  3. In the Content Browser, right click on the level and select Asset Actions > Migrate…
  4. Navigate to the content folder of the empty dummy project and click Select Folder
  5. In Windows Explorer, find the content folder you just migrated things into. Zip up this folder.
  6. To get the level into a third unreal project, unzip the folder and in Windows Explorer copy the files from the unzipped Content folder to the new project’s Content folder.
  7. Open the new project and see that the content is all there.