Can you wrap up multiple BP actors in a level to make another? Like a template?

Badly titled post, sorry…

What I have is this…

A BP for a floor tile, which has logic added to make it fall away when hit.

At the moment I have dragged each one of these into the level to create a larger floor area. It works as expected but makes creating the level a very slow process…

What I was hoping to do was select a group of the already placed floor tiles and then create another BP from those, so for example, selecting a 6x6 area of tiles, saving that as a 6x6 BP, and then I could just drag/drop that and fill the level more quickly.

In the process of trying this I found “Create Blueprint from selected components”, it partially did what I expected, as in grouped them all into one thing, but they subsequently all lost their individual functionality, the 36 floors tiles were all give scene components, box collision components and the “FloorTile” component I had created myself which contained the logic was then added 36 times to the now parent component.

This wasn’t really what I was expecting/hoping for.

Fully appreciate I’ve probably gone about grouping/parenting them together in the wrong way, so any info would be appreciated.

In the above, each floor tile is “individual”, I would like to be able to to just drag in a 6x6, or a 3x6 group of these, have them still behave individually. Any thoughts?