Can you use unreal engine from a flashdrive?

I keep moving from State to State cause of my job and I cant use a laptop with the things we are doing for the game. Is there anyway to use unreal engine from a flashdrive. I don’t have a problem with going to the libraries in my area. Any ideas will help.

you may get it to run but it wont run well. you may run into data transfer speed issues running it from a usb, even more so if its not usb 3. i seriously doubt that they will have very powerful machines at the library. libraries usually have pcs for word processing and web surfing they arent likely to have dedicated graphics cards or tons of memory. whats the issue with the laptop? poor performance? while i never suggest trying to run unreal on a laptop in some cases its a better alternative if it has decent performance (there are some people out there that dev on laptops),