Can you use uassets outside of its project folder


I am new to unreal so i am not sure everything works. I am trying to find a way to have some kind of Uassets library with all of my assets for all my projects. So put all my materials, textures, models in one place.

With that library, I could be able to dynamically use them in my project with their path.
So can a build project have path to those uassets, load them and show them in my scene?
So can you use uassets that are outside of the project folder? or are there restrictions, if so what are they?

I know you can migrate assets from projects to projects, but it’s not what I want.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You definitely can create a user plugin with all your assets in it. This will allow you to share assets and C++ code between projects in a more-or-less hassle free way.

In editor, go to “Edit → Plugins” and on the bottom you’ll see a green “New Plugin” button.

If you only want assets in your plugin and no new functionality, just select “Content Only”.

Name it whatever you want and be sure to leave “Is Engine Plugin” unchecked.
In your Content Browser, click the “View Options” and toggle “Show Plugin Content”. Now you should see your plugin’s name on the left.

Now any assets you move into the content folder of the plugin will be part of the plugin! Nice thing about plugins is that if you now take your plugin and copypaste it to a new project, everything works out of the box. No need to migrate per-asset.

how would you get a specifique asset from the plugin with all the assets?
From what I understand from your solution, it’s kind of like migrating the assets but just having one folder plugins with all the assets?

Sorry, kind of ignored this part of your question :

So can you use uassets that are
outside of the project folder? or are
there restrictions, if so what are

The only solution that comes to mind is making your plugin an Engine plugin. It will then reside in the folder where you installed Unreal and you can use it in all your projects without needing to copy it around.
I think you will also need to go to “Show Engine Content” in the content browser to see your plugin, then.

Oki, I see what you mean, but could I modify them after putting them in the plugin (like modify them in one place)? If so well they change in all the project that I am using them or well it affect only the futur projects??

You can modify them in-place and they will change in all of the projects that use them.