Can you use some assets for non-commercial 'hobby' projects?

Hi. Newbie here.

I haven’t known what Dark And Light was until now and seemed excited about it. My question is though: I like to create few maps just for myself and not releasing them for the public or reselling anything, just using UE4 as a hobby. Am I still able to use assets in my own projects? (I’m currently installing it so don’t know what they have to offer yet).

Yes you are :slight_smile:

Okey cool :slight_smile:
Do you know how to transfer materials, particles and such? Cuz so far I’ve only been able to transfer static meshes without textures/materials etc.
And how is it with particle effects and such? How do one transfer those? I haven’t had a look at them yet so I don’t know yet how easy or difficult particles are to transfer.
I tried to transfer most of the files, including materials and everything. But nothing showed up inside UE4, but existed in the folders outside of UE4. I read somewhere that it could happen due to great version differences of the engine.

u cant just transfer any file u get in ue4 market into the devkit u have to export meshes as 2011 fbx and reimport them and for the particles they have to be recreated

I’ll have a look at it later, thanks.