Can you use LaTex in unreal?

At the moment, it seems to me that if I wanted to have system where I displayed math and physics equations and incorporated the ability to modify them from input from the user … it would be a real pain in the but to try and do that with a complicated UMG system that could handle division bars, superscripts, subscripts and greek letters.

Other than incorporating LaTex somehow, if that isn’t an option, would you guys have any other suggestions on how to make something like that?

I think it would be easiest to incorporate an existing LaTex library, that can create a bitmap of an expression.

The other way would be to make your own (subset of) LaTex parser, that creates the UMG structure. A major undertaking.

Hi @CrustyCorvid Did you find anything? I’ve just started thinking about this too.

My first search didn’t come up with anything on the C++ front, but with the code I have I have a solution which is to bake the output into images that are baked in the cloud (so a C# app on a server does the work).

C++ in the engine would be cleaner!