Can you use 3d animations on a 2d sidescroll character?

Do you mean that you want to add the 3D animations to a 2D character that you’ve drawn? If so, sadly no.

But if you want to use a 3D character in a sidescroller, it is indeed possible. You can have a look at the sidescroller template.

if i have a 2d character blueprint but want to use the animations that are included in the free paragon characters, is this possible? this would be to replace the flipbooks that the 2d character uses

i tried adding a 3d character into my 2d side scroller template but it didnt work. so many errors appeared. i used the free paragon revanant that was available.

if it’s possible i’ll have to look into how i can do that, thank you!

Can you try making a blueprint character type in your 2D sidescroller template? Then in the mesh you can set it to your paragon asset.

so i tried this for a while, changing anything i could and the paragon shows up but he cant move. i even changed him in the game settings to be the player character and he is still not moving and there is no collision either. i most likely did it wrong so any more help would be greatly appreciated!