Can you update a Physics Body Shape at runtime?

I have a blueprint that sets the width of a book using a morph target. The problem is, the physics shape of the book does not change when the width of the book changes. Is there a way to update the size of a physics shape with blueprints? In this case it would need to be the “X Extent” value of a box assigned to the root bone.

Unfortunately without rewiring a few things in the engine - currently at least - morphs do not change collision at run time.
(though you could try to use the complex material way and forcing the morph object to the CPU. It’s worth a test).

Assuming you have an animation powering your morph target, the best solution is to add a notify event and manage the collision with it.

The way I have done this is to create the object, make a blueprint out of it, and add a box/sphere collision that is properly set fro the smaller size/shape.
the object itself is set to have collision, when the object is shrunk the notify disables its collision leaving whatever the blueprint set up as the actual collision.

Easy work around, assuming using complex collision and the CPU forcing doesn’t work.
make sure to test it on a Published game btw.

what’s the progress?