Can you Transform/Add sockets for Animation to Human Static Mesh

Here is a link to the mesh
I downloaded and converted to fbx via Autodesk. I imported it into UE4, after that I am lost.
I just want this character to kneel down and weld for 5 seconds just for a opening scene.
Can I convert this to a skeletal mesh or add sockets at the joints to get this look. He does not even need
to walk or jump, just a kneeling down working pose. Any info will help. Thank you in advance

Hello 8bit.

Did you rig the character and make an animation?

I found this link, but in the comments section on the page link you can see other people are in the same boat with me “lost” check it out
Do I need to download Autodesk Maya, if so where is this link… Or is it already in UE4 somewhere? Thanks

I guess Build/Rig my character with this software then import to UE4
Is this the route to go? Thank in advance!

You should learn a 3D program and after that use Unreal Engine if you want to make whole games. You can use Maya or 3ds max or one of the manny other softwares around there. A free software that is being a used a lot is Blender but I’m more an 3ds max person. Just choose a 3d modelling program and start learning that.

Thank you for the advice and replies you write. They are very helpful.