Can you toggle animations from a parent widget blueprint?

We are trying to make our main menu have an options button. With this, we have made a global options menu so we can also access this in game. We have made it where when you click the “Options” button, the main menu will fad away to provide more room for the options like Graphics and Audio. We’ve been having a tough time creating a simple script to play an animation from the options menu. We want the back button (In the options menu) to play an animation that can fade in the menu. If this isn’t possible and there are better ways to do this, please tell us.

It’s very possible and there are several ways of doing it, the most straightforward is a direct reference. In the Options Menu widget, create a variable of type Main Menu, make it * Instance Editable* and Expose On Spawn:

Options Menu can now play an animation belonging to the Main Menu.

When Options Menu gets created, you’ll get an extra pin on the node (Exposed on Spawn):

Another, usually preferred method is via a Dispatcher:

Here, the Options menu calls its own dispatcher…

…which the main menu binds an event to:

So what is the block name for the “Target New Animation”? We can’t exactly figure it out

The name of the animation from the Main Menu.

It’s possible that I misunderstood you. I believe you want access widget animation from another widget. In this case the Option Menu would play an animation that is the Main Menu.

Do tell if anything is unclear or I got the issue wrong.

You hit the nail on the head with our goal, but we’re having a hard time finding that block. Do we need the exact block that connects the main menu variable into the “in animation” input for playing animations. Because we can’t find how to get that block exactly.

Never mind we found it, we sometimes have the IQ of rocks being pounded together. We will notify you if we need more help, but thank you for all the help!

Widget wires are context sensitive so right click menu will not have it, it cannot be just plopped down on its own. Instead drag a wire from the Main Menu reference and search for the animation name.

Do tell if it helped.

Cheers, good luck with the rest!

It actual worked! Thank you so much, we’ve been trying for about 7 hours straight now and were going mad. You’re an actual life saver. Have a good day