Can you tell capsule to use a specific bone as root bone?

Hey there,

I applied root motion in a single animation. But its not working. I imported my character from blender so its using main armature’s piviot point as root bone which is not a bone so it has no animation on it its always gonna stay at the same place. So i was wondering if i can tell capsule somehow to use some specific bone to use as root bone or on the other hand its just a thought but if i can some how delete the top bone so the next top bone in heirachy becomes the Root bone?? so it uses the right pelvis bone as root bone!

Hoping someone can spread some light on it! Thanks…

You should stick with Root Motion rather than trying to parent the cylinder. That’s the general purpose of Root Motion – to have the animation root drive the collision cylinder.

Have you turned Root Motion on in the Animation? Is it enabled in the Animation BP as well?

you solved? can you tell me how you did it? I have the same problem, the capsule does not follow the animation with RootMotion

This is a hugely frustrating problem for me as well. Bringing animations in from Blender works great with the exception of the armature being the root bone and not allowing for root motion in UE4… if anyone has any insight on this it would be awesome.